Proofreading and correction in the language

                        of Jean-Baptiste Poquelin



If you are reading or studying French language, you can observe like I do that there are numerous errors in many technical manuals, articles, thesis, reports, texts, translations or other relevant sources. These errors are mainly seen in spelling, sentence structure, grammar, punctuation and / or conjugations. Some people ruin the beautiful language of Molière.

Your texts can become therefore repulsive, be unreadable or even completely incomprehensible.

I offer you to re-read your writings and correct them before you let them read by your readers.

A concrete explanation would eventually support the "return of the copies" if you want it to.


I will be pleased reading your writings...






Quelques erreurs




"malgré que"

Non "bien que"

ou encore "quoique"


"amener le sel"

Non "apporter le sel"

et "amener quelqu'un"


"j'ai été à Nantes"

Non, si m'y suis rendu:

"je suis allé à Nantes"

Oui, si j'y résidais:

"j'étais à Nantes"